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enough for snow. we do have on radar light snow falling in frederick county and washington county, up along the pennsylvania border, along carroll county. that will be twisting into howard and loudoun counties in the 234ek9 half hour. could be a brief dusting here. a few slick spots may quickly pop up and maybe just a dusting. temperatures are in the 20s. windchills in the teens to near 20 degrees with winds gusting near 20 to 25 miles an hour. >>> the snow coming from the north is a weak disturbance in the atmosphere, enough to kick up snowshowers from mid to late morning, otherwise maybe a few flurries. blustery winds, in the clear and upper 30s. sun tomorrow morning and clouding up. a little more potent storm coming in on thursday night into from the morning. could get a couple inches of that, cold into the weekend. how is the traffic? >> we're doing okay so far this morning. 95, 395, 66, the toll road, all very quiet as we g get underway with no early major issues reported into us. we have a problem in prince william county, prince william parkway between moore drive and liberia r
filters. >> the washington area is a deep freeze. it has a dangerous downside. >> i cannot feel my hands. >> how are you keeping warm? >> there is a baby in there somewhere. the temperatures are causing water main breaks. some good news out of it all. we reported last night that her home had no heat. still waiting for washington gas to show up. >> an hour after the broadcast, a technician came out. >> now it is testy once again. >> i reached out to channel 7 and you were there for me. >> we are back live. this is what you are going to run into. these are big chunks of ice here. it can be very tricky of re. the wind is definitely picking up. if it has not frozen by now it will tonight. >> maryland schools are on a two hour delay. how longwell these bitterold temperatures stick around? >> for some time to come. we will get some moderation in the week. it cannot call it warmer. if there is any good news " -- [unintelligible] galt enough of a breeze to make it feel like 21. -- cold enough of a breeze to make it really 21. wind chills into the 17 or 18 degree range. the gusty winds are back t
page of the washington journal, they write that yesterday -- of the wall street journal, the right that it needn't be. the president remains more popular than his policies and voters want him to succeed. but they are sold out -- but they are also telling me needs to steer a more moderate less partisan course, return to the back into the and, t-shaped his political rise." clinton, maryland, robert, what do you say? caller: i do not think the republicans should take any solace in the fact that this gentleman won the election. this guy ran as an independent. this is an anti-incumbency vote against democrats and republicans for not getting anything done. the american people are tired of it. they want something done. what hurt the democrats mostly was the loss of the public option, because the public option was not in the health- care bill. it turned a lot of people against it. host: caller, what is your take now on the healthcare bill? we are seeing all sorts of varied possibilities. what would you like to see happen now? caller: they have to pass it, regardless of this. regardless of
with the washington redskins is over. zorn has been fired as head coach. the skins finished the season 4-12 after losing yesterday to the san diego chargers. they were just 12-20 during his two years as head coach. zorn was the sixth redskins head coach under dan snyder who bought the team in 1999. our own lindsay czarniak broke this story. >> she joins us on the phone now with the very latest. thanks for joining us. what can you tell us about when this happened and how it happened? >> as eun said that jim zorn has been let go, it happened early this morning upon the team's return from san diego. the team landed around 2:00 a.m. and i'm told zorn was packing up his things with team officials waiting for him there at redskins park. so, wha we know from being in san diego with the team last night is that they had scheduled an 11:00 a.m. player availability for this morning. they also have scheduled an 11:30 meeting that players assumed would be zorn's address of the team and then zorn himself was scheduled to have his availability, which he always does at 12:25, which i said is his normal time. it'
morning news continues at 6:00 right now. >>> stafert you off with a view of the washington monument this morning. ments another cold one out there. 29degrees at reagan national airport on this wednesday morning, january 6th. thank you for waking one fox 5 morning news. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> garrett county, maryland schools are delayed by two hours. >> a two-hour delay for the cotocton area and its feeder schools. that is just for that area. not the entire county. all the other schools in frederick county will be opening on time this morning. >> it is always colder out to the west and north and they see a little bit more snow than we see. i guess that is the case here as well. >> algain yip county mountain ridge school district also delayed as well. >> i'll tell you what is happening with our weather conditions around the region. we'll start by taking a look at hd radar. because there are a few snow flurries out there. some snow showers here and there as you can see. right here by looking at the radar. not as widespread as we were seeing yesterday but still
the uninvited guest, but a washington area party pro momenter, carlos allen is arriving at the event and allen slipped into the gala by pretending to be part of the official indian delegation. although allen initially denied attending the dinner, his attorney says he was there, but received an invitation. okay. >>> an airport outside los angeles is back up no speed this morning after security scare yesterday shut down the terminal for hours. several containers filled with an amber liquid turned out to be honey. jars of honey. just as the owner had tried to tell them. and officials at nuke liberty airport says a camera system was not fully working when a man passed through a checkpoint. the tsa had to request assistance from continental airlines to confirm the man left the airport. >> the tsa is on a cell phone, and instead of looking at the vitdos, they were actually watching boise state. >> that was a good game, though. >> that was a good game. i'm seeing texas christian looks like they are going to win. >> tough call. >>> a new study raising more doubts about the effectiveness of anti-depres
>> "washington journal" takes your calls and e-mails live every morning starting at 7 a.m. eastern, here on c-span. >> "newsweek" is reporting exclusively that saturday morning president obama received a high-order briefing three days before christmas, about terrorists threats. the highest officials are a part of this. and talk about that this hour, and thought we would get your feelings on airport security, what have you noticed and changed in the days of the incident coming into detroit. if you have been to the airport, or know someone who has, call the numbers on your screen. your experience with airport security lately. there is this story in "the washington post", lawmakers knew of tsa pick era, and it's a follow-up of the nominee. lawmakers knew of tsa pick's error, the latest is that the democratic senators lobbied around tsa pick, and as new details emerged that key lawmakers knew that he had mischaracterized a personal incident in his testimony, washington supported rogers of his assessing confidence criminal records 20 years ago of his then estranged wife's boyfriend. as
, washington. >>> the obama administration, meanwhile, says it has suspended transfers of guantanamo bay detainees to yemen. that decision, however, does not alter its plan to close the facility. >>> the obama administration enjoyed a court victory yesterday, one that also somewhat vind indicated the bush administration as well. a sweeping decision by a federal appeals court backed the wartime powers of the president to detain terror suspects, even over the limitation office international law. unles it is reversed by the supreme court, the ruling gives the white house a stronger hand in challenging court orders, calling for the release of detainees. the three-judge panel rejected a panel by cook who claimed he was neither part of a military or country at war. giving them the rights of crinal defendants would impact the entire way the military approaches war. >>> now here's a look at some other stories making news "early today" in america. >>> san diego police are looking for two mench accused of beating a man with a skateboard at a train station. they pushed the man onto the tracks and b
from washington to talk about the new directives and the story developing out of yemen. the new directives in effect tomorrow. >> these are dramatic, brooke. starting tomorrow, tsa is mandating every person flying into the u.s. from or through a country that's a state sponsor of terrorism or other countries of interest will be required to go through a hand screening or secondary screening. that can include body scans, patdowns and other regulations. and this is sure to slow down the boarding process but it also comes after the u.s. government stepping up counterterrorism efforts in yemen which is emerging as a more serious front in the war on terror. on the southern tip of the arabian peninsula where the red sea meets the indian ocean is yemen. that's where a strike just last month killed three al qaeda members suspected of targeting the u.s. embassy for attack. cnn has learned a fourth was captured with his suicide vest on. according to his senior u.s. military official. now the u.s. and british embassies have been closed because of continued threats in the area. >> there are i
that. you are not seeing snowfall and indeed, in most of washington, d.c. right now, we are not seeing snowfall. let me take a look at hd radar. we'll show you what is going on out there. first of all, as we see the snow is really pushing off to the east as expected. in d.c., no snow. we are still seeing snow in waldorf, la plata, chesapeake beach, off to the east. annapolis, it is not snowing there. you might be getting a flurry or something like that that is not showing up on radar but the bulk of the snow has pushed off to the east. we'll show you some snowfall totals later on this hour. the highest totals we've seen have been up towards two inches and that is about it as expected. the storm system making its way eastward. now, lingering snow -- i wouldn't say lingering snow. it is still snowing in northern pennsylvania, upstate new york, places like that. new jersey, snow there so if you are traveling up to the northeast, you mayen counter some delays but for us, most of the snow pushing off to the east. there is another little band shaping up out to the west. as i said earlier, ca
of power in 2010. >> one of washington's most influential columnists is demanding the white house social secretary, the obamas' close friend, be fired. >> google shags up the mobile phone market. a new smart phone that could pose a threat to the popular iphone. all that plus how to stay occupied during those really long delays caused by airport security. ♪ >>> t >>> "the big picture" starts right now. good afternoon. i'm david shuster live in washington. >> i'm tamron hall live in new york. we have breaking news this hour out of california. meadows field airport, bakersfield, california, it is about to reopen at this hour after being temporarily shut down when two tsa baggage screeners were overcome by fumes emitted from a checked bag. joining us on the phone is misty reid, a reporter. misty, what else can you tell bus this bag? as i said already, they are reopening the airport sit self. >> reporter: i can tell you that there were earlier media reports locally that the substance found may have been tnt. but we haven't confirmed that yet. i know that they are about to reopen it and the
, everybody, happy new year, tamron. i'm live in washington. >> good to see you. i'm tamron hall live in new york. big picture at this hour, counter-terrorism officials have now added dozens of people onto that terror watch list and no-fly list after reviewing a massive government database of suspected terrorists. more than 500,000 names are currently in the database as nbc news first reported, the government checked thousands of names in the system after the christmas day bombing attempt aboard a detroit-bound northwest airlines jet. attempted bombing suspect umar abdulmutallab was in the data, but key point not on the no-fly list. >>> new rules went into effect for travelers flying to the united states from overseas. all passengers from or traveling through 14 countries considered high-risk are to receive full body patdowns and have their carry-on luggage opened and inspected. let's bring in tom costello. the new rules took into effect today. you were detailing how intense the security was, even yourself patted down head to toe. >> i was coming in from brussels, not on the list of countrie
coach of the washington redskins. the seventh head coach in 11 years. buttoned up, he was looking like a five-star general up there today. here you see bruce allen, mike shanahan, dan snyder walking out at the beginning of the press conference. >> quick question i asked dan snyder if he had had a chance to sleep and he said not a wink. >> i tell you, i think dan snyder is very excited. and i also think that dan snyder is going to take a step back in terms of control with mike shanahan because, you know, in denver they called him the mastermind. >> yeah. he was sitting there in the front row with the family instead of sitting up there on the podium. that was a nice change of pace. >> here is mike shanahan on some of today's festivities. >> i'm excited and honored to be the head coach of the washington redskins. you take a look at history, you take a look at the hall of fame, the great coaches, the great players. what an honor it is to be the head coach of this franchise. a very, very special place. super bowls, world championships. it's what you'd call a franchise that has a great histo
>>> good morning. i'm tamron hall. president obama will land in washington to respond to the botched attack of a u.s. airliner as u.s. and british embassies in yemen remain closed for a second day. and airports across the globe, those traveling to the u.s. are facing heightened security and that now means patdowns and full body scans for anyone traveling from or through countries considered high risk. but closer to home a security breach is raising more questions about our nation's airport security. this happening at newark airport. this time an entire terminal is shut down. thousands of passengers forced to be rescreened and, get this, the unidentified man who set it off, well, that person is still missing. plus, an arctic blast puts a deep freeze on most of the nation as temperatures plunge to record lows from florida to the great plains. and developing right now the world's tallest building is officially open for business. we're bringing you live pictures from dubai where the grand inauguration is under way. and we have a lot of great shots including all the people
to particularly intense screenings. tara mergener is this washington with details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, these international travelers will be facing new scrutiny now. the tsa calls it a major step forward. starting came, all travelers who want to get into the u.s. will have to play by tough new security rules. but people flying from nations considered to be sponsors of terrorism or other countries of interest will see the biggest changes. mandatory full body pat-downs, carry-out searches and body scans are part of the latest ways of enhanced procedures. at least 14 countries are on the list, nearly all are muslim. philadelphia residents alex and nica went through ramped up measures on their flight from belgium sunday but weren't impressed. >> they looked through my bag and they missed one bag, so sort of felt very artificial. >> reporter: the new guide lines come more than a week after a man allegedly tried to blow up a u.s.-bound plane on christmas day. airports around the world have been on alert ever since. another security breach just last night forced one. country's
today, wednesday, january 6th, 2010. >> well, the washington redskins now have a new head coach. mike shanahan will lead the burgundy and gold after agreeing to a five-year contract that makes him the highest-paid coach in the nfl. >> the team will make it official at a news conference this afternoon at redskins park. that's where our own dan hellie is live with the latest. >> reporter: hey, joe, hey, eun. you know dan snyder likes big names and he certainly has a big name here. mike shanahan spent 14 years as the head coach for the denver broncos, won two super bowls. the only knock on him is that he won those super bowls with john elway. in the post john elway era, he only won one playoff game. but this is a man who knows football and he will be the ultimate decision maker in this organization. that's important because they have not had somebody other than dan snyder making the decisions in the past. mike shanahan agreed t contract terms last night. he celebrated with the owner, dan snyder, at the palm restaurant in tyson's corner. everybody very elated that this is finally a done d
. and now facing multiple terror investigations back here in washington. so, what went wrong? who will be held accountable, if anyone? >>> and just moments ago, secretary of state hillary clinton with her first comments about the aborted christmas day airplane bombing and the threat in yemen. >> the situation in yemen is a top concern. how can we work together and with others to stabilize yemen, assist in securing its borders and providing for its people in combatting al qaeda. the instability in yemen is a threat to regional stability, and even global stability. >>> the fallout for air travelers. new rules, new delays. and a false alarm at newark international caused them grief overnight. >>> this hour homeland security and intelligence expert congresswoman jain harman, plus eleanor hill, the staff director from the 9/11 investigation. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams and nbc terrorism analyst michael sheehan and roger cressey. and counter terror chief john brennan takes on criticism from former vice president dick cheney. >> i'm very disappointed in the vice presiden
rejoice. the washington redskins have a new head coach. what mike shanahan is saying about his plans to lead the team to victory. >>> signed, seal, and today he was delivered. hello, everybody. i'm jim hanley. >> i'm wendy rieger. >>> first we have breaking news about washington wizards star gilbert arenas. let's go live to lindsay and dan. what happened today? >> hey, guys. nationally this has been a much bigger story than the mike shanahan issue. today, gilbert arenas has been suspended indefinitely by nba commissioner david stern. due to his ongoing conduct, gilbert arenas not fit to take the court in an nba game. i think anybody that saw the sports page this morning, gilbert's clowning around is not helping his cause. >> it's not. people look at different things that he does as far as the social networking, the twitter. i think that the powers that be obviously look at the kind of behavior that he has besides the incident that they are disciplining him for. they say there is an issue that has to be taken care of. >> gilbert brought some guns into the locker room, played a p
of the washington redskins. the story broke just about an hour ago. >> let's go straight to sports directer brett haber. >> reporter: that's night's dinner was a sales pitch. tonight's dinner was a celebration. according to multiple sources this evening, the deal is done, and mike shanahan is the head coach of the washington redskins. also the vice president of football operations, the same title vinny sirado held. sources say sean than will have final say on all football- related manners. the deal said to be for five years at the same $7 million annual salary he got in denver, and for the first two seasons, half of the figure will be paid by the broncos. he signed the deal at redskins park tonight and posed for pictures with daniel snyder. we spoke with several players beginning to albert hansworth. >> my agent texted me and said shanahan will be the new head coach. i think it will be great and give us a chance to compete. i'm not experienced in the leadership, and it will be unbelievable. >> i think will be a great day in the washington redskins football history to add coach shanahan. you don't
backlash felt all the way to washington. winner scott brown talks about what he'll do as the 41st republican senator. healthcare reform in disarray. the white house and congressional democrats try to deal with the new political reality on capitol hill. lawmakers rip the administration terrorism policy following last month's attempted airliner bombing. we look at the changing political landscape one year after the inauguration of president obama. all that, plus brit hume's analysis and the fox all stars right here, right now. ♪ ♪ >> bret: welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. the man whose election has rocked the democratic party and jeopardized the president's healthcare reform agenda will come to washington thursday. republican scott brown's victory tuesday in a special senate election is being seen as a rebuke of the democratically controlled congress and the new administration. we have fox team coverage tonight. jim angle has details on what brown's win does to healthcare reform. and we begin with chief political correspondent karl cameron in boston where the senator-elect
a shot was fired around this nation. a shot was fired saying, no more business as usual in washington, d.c. the american people have spoken. the people of massachusetts have spoken for the rest of america. >> people of massachusetts have spoken for the rest of -- just like the people of new york 23 spoke for the rest of america when they put a democrat in that house seat for the first time since the civil war, right? remember how that was for all of america, back in november? yeah. extrapolation fail. democratic congressman barney frank made headlines last night with a statement that essentially declared health care reform dead in the wake of scott brown's election win in massachusetts. today, congressman frank reversed himself, saying, "i have realized that my statement last night was more pessimistic than is called for. i was reacting, perhaps overreacting, to proposals i had heard from a variety of sources that we do things to facilitate the passage of a health care bill that would have sought in the short-term to neutralize yesterday's election. i continue to believe that it will be
we haven't done that well. we've always thought about maybe washington first or the party first. the thing that i'm hearing throughout the state is, what about us? i was asked many times what kind of republican i would be? i didn't know how to answer that so i said i'm going to be a scott brown republican. maybe there's a new breed of republican coming to washington. somebody not beholding to the special interests of the party and will look to just to solve problems. i've always been that way. you remember, i supported clean elections. i'm a self-imposed term limits person. i believe strongly we are there to serve the people. we are there to do a . i, like many others throughout the country, when we're talking about what so and so said in his book and what so and so said here. my response is, who cares? we have terrorists trying to blow up our planes and kill our families at shopping malls. we have people dying in afghanistan who are trying to -- and our soldiers are trying to make sure we get, you know, finish the job there. we have serious economic problems. i like probably ma
they get better. test the 20 mile per hour winds are keeping washington d.c. and a deep freeze. a brief walk outside some of the unbearable. >> i enjoyed the snowstorm in december. it was fun. this is not fun. >> you need to prepare yourself for it. >> the season is less than one month old and we already have a blizzard that don't 2 feet of snow on our region and a lengthy cold snap. >> it has not been pleasant at all. try to stay out of the wind. try to stay dry. >> it is only going to get worse this weekend. some shelters are preparing to stay open around the clock. >> what we see is people are obviously coming in because they need to get out of the cold and get warmer clothes. they need food and they need shelter. >> these tourists are here from australia. they left summer down on there for a cold a visit. >> it is freezing but everybody said it would be cold but we were not expecting this. >> i am glad -- i am glad that i have thermal underwear. >> the shelter behind me in arlington opened about one hour ago. they expect there will be at capacity this evening. they plan to be open 2
. this weekend, though, the wind chills were 5 degrees to 10 degrees below zero. 25 the reading in washington, d.c. i-81, just a few flurries. the wind has eased up. so what can you expect this evening. once again it will be a cold night for us. we're talking about the possibility of snow coming up this week. >> you've got our attention. >> if you're outside for just a few minutes, you know it is bone chilling out there. news 4 megan's mcgraph spent the morning out in the bitter cold to see just how folks are coping. >> waiting and freezing at the bus stop. commuters who dressed in layers held their own. those who didn't were very cold. >> it's so cold. >> i have on a thermal, a fleece, another shirt. i have shorts on under these pants and the boots on. so it's no joke out here. >> reporter: factor in the wind chill and it felt like 10 degrees in some places. anything wet froze solid, including lanes of out of bounds branch avenue at best of your knowledge hill road. cars had to veer to the right to misa big patch of ice. >> maybe quarter of a mile. >> reporter: that sounds dangerous. >> it is.
of homeland security in washington. pete, good evening. >> reporter: brian, about 2,000 flights a day arrive in the u.s. from overseas. now the department of homeland security is requiring more intensive screening for many of the passengers who fly on them, including some americans. among the first of the world's airports to adopt the new rules were benazir bhutto international in pakistan and germany's largest airport in frankfurt. >> i'd rather have a little more time in my travels and a safe efficient ride than something like that happen. >> reporter: airlines that fly to the u.s. from overseas must now give full-body patdowns and physically inspect the luggage of all travelers from or traveling through countries considered high risk. 14 countries where terror groups are known to operate or draw support including nigeria where the accused christmas day bomb plotter is from. and other overseas passengers must be selected at random, including some returning americans for the same enhanced screening. >> we have provided now for 100% enhanced screening for people who have either traveled from
, 2010, the first weekend of the new year. hope you're having a great one. >>> washington police are investigating an incident between two nba players who reportedly drew guns on one another in a locker room standoff. joe carter is here with this bizarre story. >> good morning, susan. >>> the new york post is reporting that two washington wizard players, gil ert arenas and javaris crittendon both drew guns on each other. according to the new york post, it was over a gambling dispute. they told cnn washington police are investigating. >> a lot of rumors going on. sorting rumors from fact is going to take some time. there is an investigation under way, and i can't xwhent on it. >> the wizards released a statement saying the team takes this very seriously. neither gilbert arenas or jar vars crittendon could be reached for comment. >>> the president says it appears the suspected bomber umar farouk abdulmutallab joined the group while in yemen and got training from al qaeda while there. the group gave abdulmutallab the explosives and his marching orders. in his weekly radio address, t
, democrats' rough year just beginning. "the washington post" reports even the most optimist democrats are saying this is going to be a very, very rough year. >>> up next, after three top democrats announce their retirements, a long-time republican senator may be in the fight of his political life. his initials? john mccain. those aren't initials. >> we have to go to break, but here is the question we need to talk about today. >> yes. >> if you're the president, if you're the democrat, have yyou 0 votes now, a majority in the house, you know that will go away, no matter what. in 2010, do you go for it all? do you throw the hail mary, knowing you are going to lose more seats, or do you not go for too much and try and hold as many seats as you can? >> we'll talk about it in the political playbook. and a story making front page news this morning. that when we come back. first, here is bill karins with a check on the forecast. bill. >> thank you, mika. we're watching this huge storm in the middle of the country. one of the worst travel days in a long time in the midwest. no problems in the
afternoon, all the way overnight, and now it's just 29 in washington. upper 20s in prince george's, arlington, fairfax, montgomery counties, and all around the region, just below freezing. it's right near the freezing mark right now at quantico. they're at 32. elsewhere, we're under 30 degrees. these are the windchills they're down in the teens to near 10 degrees in a few locations. windchill in washington, now 17. that's with a wind gust of 29 miles per hour. the winds have increased a little bit from earlier this morning. we've had gusts 25 to 30 miles per hour. out of the mountains, temperatures only in the teens right now. their windchills are down to near zero. and the snow showers that we have seen crossing the appalachians and move into west virginia have begano reach parts of the shenandoah valley and the panhandle of west virginia, a few passing snow showers there. the rest of the day, partly sunny, maybe a flurry or passing snow shower. highs only reaching the freezing mark. and this cold weather is going to be around for the rest of the week and into next weekend. deta
. >>> with new revelations about and interview with an actual member of the secretive washington, d.c., religious outfit the family, ladies and gentlemen, here is rachel maddow. good evening, rachel. >> good evening, keith. thanks very much for that. and thanks to you at home for staying with us for the next hour. indeed, tonight we are doing something on this show we've been waiting to do for a very, very long time. after months of us covering c street and the secretive religious organization as the family that runs c street, the secretive religious group with ties to many well known politicians, finally, a member of the family has finally agreed to come on this show to talk about it. his name is bob hunter and here's your spoiler alert. the reason he has decided to be here is not because he's been all that happy with our reporting on this show. i'm very, very much looking forward to the opportunity to talk to bob hunter. that is the interview tonight coming up in just a moment. we'll also be reporting on the republican quest to bring the bad old days of the bush administration's anti-terror pol
washington post" reporter bob woodward to follow the money he was urging him to track the financing of burglars who had broken into the democratic party's national committee offices at the watergate complex. the political money was in total a couple million dollars. what was unleashed today could easily be billions. later, my special comment on the opening of pandora's box by the supreme court. we begin with the latest details, the court today overturning two earlier decisions and throwing out parts of a law that has been on the books for 63 years which said companies and unions can be prohibited from using money from general treasuries to produce and run their own campaign ads. writing for the majority justice kennedy declaring the restrictions censorship, saying that without today's ruling congress could also ban corporations from publishing political books or from posting their opinions on the internet or from releasing films like "hillary the movie" a clinton-bashing self-proclaimed documentary at the heart of the case. last year the federal election commission having blocked it
with new revelations about and an interview with a member of the secretive washington outfit the family. here's rachel maddow. >> thank you, keith. >>> we're doing something on this show we've been waiting to do for a long time. after months of us covering c street, and the organization known as the family that runs c street. a group with ties to many well known politicians, finally a member of the family has finally agreed to come on this show to talk about it. his name is bob hunter, and here's your spoiler alert, the reason he has decided to be here is not because he's been all that happy with our reporting on this show. i'm very, very much looking forward to the opportunity to talk to bob hunter. that is is the interview coming up in a moment. >>> we'll also be reporting on the republican quest to bring back the battle days of the republican anti-terror days. >>> the one political movement too crazy for even glenn beck. >>> an an anti-terrorism story that may as well have been written by "the onion," it has a happy ending. >>> president obama delivering a nationally televised soberi
problems in washingto washington, hold on to your seat. those are nothing compared to his problems on the home front. that inside scoop is next. plus. >> how is this for a scandal? poll test with 3 fears ladies. poll test with 3 fears ladies. just be glad . >>reporter: senate majority leader reed is up to his ear ins problems in washington dc. things not much better at home in nevada. we are right in the think of it. griff is on the road and today's stop is nevada. you are live. griff? >> hi fret a. i'm in reno, nevada state among the 3 highest unemployment rate. they are certainly thinking about health care and worried about it. but before i tell you about reno, we went earlier today to carson city to speak with governor jim gibbons. here's some of what he had to say in terms of solutions. governor you have been part of the legislation. what do you think is the answer e.the very best way to solve the unemployed, uninsured problem in america is to put people back to work. get them a job. let their employers buy insurance for them when they have the money and resources to
. this is an upset victory of epic proportionses, the repercussions all the way to washington and possibly felt in the 2010 mid terms, but in massachusetts, it's an astounding victory. a number of reasons why. only 12 percent of voters in the state are republican. just taking that into account t. means that scott brown pulled in a tremendous amount of those independent voters that make up over half the voters in the state, and that is wh >> reporter: what the procedure will be from there, how long this will take. we may of course have to wait for some information from other lawmakers and the secretary of state, but those pieces, coming together right now, we're waiting to hear what brown has to say within the hour, jon. jon: molly line in boston, thank you molly. jane: it is a whole new ballgame on capitol hill, now that republicans have the 41 seats in the senate, as the 2010 political season gets underway, here's what senator john mccain said on the senate floor moments ago. i'm going to be paraphrasing because we're waiting for the videotape. last night was the -- last night was the shot fir
. the news today in washington, there is more fallout over the security and intelligence fail yours. press secretary robert gibbs announceded the report what went wrong will be released tomorrow. president obama is to make a statement as well. just yesterday the president met with top security advisers and we're told he was not pleased. advisors were told the responsibilities and intelligence breakdowns, critics slammed the administration claims it's not been tough enough on terrorist and republicans calling for heads to roll. for now no one's being fired. brian wilson on airline security. first major garret breaking down the white house briefing on the north lawn. >> for the second day in a row the white house press secretary robert gibbs left that door open but also says the failure involved many agencies and people. a bit more structured in those held responsible more scattered. one single person offering a resignation wouldn't necessarily solve systemic problems. we're unlikely to see firings or resignations anytime soon. robert gibbs said do not anticipate one with the flight on the 2
: welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. president obama says the christmas day attempted bombing of u.s. airliner was the result of a failure to connect and understand intelligence that the government already had and that he is ultimately responsible. late this afternoon, the president outlined steps he is ordering to tighten things up. senior white house correspondent major garrett is live on the north lawn with details. >> reporter: good evening. there is a lot of ground to cover but the proud outline of the president's statement and the unclassified report released by the counterterrorism advisor are these. the president said we are at war. though the president said it before it was generally in the context of afghanistan. what he and his advisors say is most surprising to them is al-qaeda and the arabian pence, yemen, is not an aspirational terrorist cell but operational one that is a real and lethal threat to the united states. the president described the suspect in the case umar farouk abdulmutallab as a knowner theer r e er t known terrorist. one who never should have been aboa
of the operation against the pakistani border. >> the "washington post" reports before the blast, his vehicle spread through check points on base and when he stepped up to be check by a security guard he detonated the bomb, sending steel pellets ripping through him and a dozen people near him. the paper quotes anonymous former official calling that bad trade craft. in op-ed for sunday's post, c.i.a. director leon panetta lashed out at critics who say those who gave their lives somehow brought it upon themselves. panetta says the bomber was about to be searched when he detonated the explosive, unlike earlier report. balawi's father says he blames america for turni ining the bomber's wife into a widow and his son into orphans. >> julie: thank you. they are keeping a close eye on what led to the attack in afghanistan. the intelligence community stepping up after the wake of the attempted christmas day bombing and the recent shooting spree at fort hood which left 134 peo13 people dea. director of national intelligence announcing a new commission to look in recent intelligence failures but some re
. if you think harry reid has problems in washington. hold on to your seat, nothing compared to his problems on the home front. >> plus, how is this for a scandal? a politician with three first ladies? be glad this one is not you. b1+ . >> greta: senate majority leader harry reid up to his ears in problems right here in washington, d.c. things are not much better at home in nevada. griff jenkins in the thick of it. today's stop nevada. griff joins us live. >> reporter: hey greta, i'm in reno, nevada. a state among the top three highest unemployment rates. in have dances are certainly thinking -- nevadans are certainly thinking about health care. we went earlier to carson city to speak with governor jim gibbons here's what he had to say in terms of solutions. governor you have been a critic of this legislation. what do you think is the answer? >> very best way to solve the unemployed, uninsured, problem in america to put people back to work. get them a job, let their employers buy insurance for them when they have the money and the resources to buy it. stop letting the american peop
shively joins us from washington with details. hello, caroline. >> hello do you, brian. revenge in a just released videotape released the jordanian says that's why he killed operatives in afghanistan because they killed a pakistani taliban leader with a missile strike in august and says he turned down millions of dollars from the u.s. and jordan who wanted him to spy on other militants and the authenticity of the tape hasn't been confirmed by officials, but the father says it is his son. the man thought to be him taped the video shortly before he went on the u.s. base and blew up seven cia employees and himself in afghanistan. a pakistani television report says that the double agent shared jordanian and u.s. secrets with militants before the attack and says on the tape, quote, we will never forget the blood of our year, referring to the ted taliban leader, the jordanian tells other jihadists it's their duties to go after america hardest. >> this attack will be the first of the operation, against their team, afghanistan and pakistan border. >> washington post reports before the blast the v
, everybody, alex. i'm david shuster in washington. >> good afternoon, david. tamron hall has the day off. we're waiting to hear from president obama. moments ago the white house pushed back the time he's scheduled to speak. it's now set for 4:30 eastern time. he will then give details of a report he ordered from deputy security adviser on the missteps voupding the christmas day bombing attempt aboard the northwest airlines jet and why it was not prevented. national security adviser jim jones said the report will shock americans. shortly after the president speaks, set for 4:45 at this point, top brass from homeland security agency will join robert gibbs and take questions from reporters. let's go to nbc white house correspondent savannah guthrie with the latest. savannah, any reason given to you for the pushback by 90 minutes? >> no. i have one more update for you. the briefing you machinesed by janet napolitano and gibbs has been moved from 4:45 to 5:15. i certainly asked what reason is for these delays and we haven't been given a response. my guess is what they are doing is some last minut
of his intelligence chiefs when he returns to washington this week. he had really hoped to start this year, 2010, focusing on health care and the economy but those issues now on the back burner. his weekly address this morning in that he provides a new tail about the plot to bomb flight 253 on christmas day. >> also we have a sports schedule to tell you about this morning that does not involve tiger woods. nba and washington, d.c. police are investigating a report that two members of the washington wizards basketball teadrew guns on one another in the team's locker room during an argument over gambling debts. why guns seem to become part of the culture for some professional athletes. >> we've seen police use facebook to track down crimes. now the tables have turned on them. an escaped convict has been using it to taunt police with clues as to where he is. the facebook fugitive has more than 30,000 friends at last count still out there. >> why can't they take down his account? we'll get to that later. >>> also coming up the perils of peering into the future. there was a time when
, senate reconciliation, a buzz word, washington process word. what it means is trying to get some parts of the bill through with 51 votes, not 60, as they have tried to get needed in the past. is that likely? >> right. well, that basically entails starting over. it's the same thing for another option which is a stripped down bill where you might see a modest coverage expansion, so insurance, well, reforms is what they're called in the beltway. >> paul: right. >> they're pretty destructive, but at that really requires you to go back to the committees, it's not hold hearings, at least hold votes and there's all sorts of paradal trip wires everywhere and they have to decide if they want to spend another two months, three months on a health care plan that's really unpopular and the well is poisoned in a lot of ways or just do nothing and move to jobs and austerity budget. >> paul: dan, the other option, i think probably the best one politically, would be to take doug shone's advice, go back to republicans, see if you can get a half dozen or maybe ten or so on a stripped down bill and then t
their kid and moving to washington state. here is michelle with more. >> good morning, alyson, good to talk to you. >> so he is packing up and moving his children to washington state while his wife is missing. how can josh justify this? >> since he was fired from his job, he can't get more work and having trouble making a house payment and he needs to be with his family at this time and so he wants to be able to move his children to washington state to live with his family and to be honest, he has been staying there since before the holidays with his family. his children is there right now. he is back in, taw with a family member and they are planing to pack up the house today. he reached out to his church and friends and in the neighborhood and they will help him so he can move to washington. >> michelle, we showed video of scott peterson. this is reminiscent of when scott peterson sold lacy peterson's car. these are not actions of men who believe that their lives will come back. >> it is odd. i have to say. but i can't. it is also in other cases that you and i worked on, alyson, husbands
lik 14e 15 in washington. more details in a minute. >> this weather is causing schools to operate on a two-hour delay. be sure to watch tomorrow when we have [unintelligible] and any word on other schools. >> it is official. jim zorn is out as coach. we have what fans think of the announcement. >> the fans are anxious to find out the latest of what is happening. nfl insiders tell me that the redskins have been negotiating for a while. there are reports that mike shanahan is in town. we know they did not waste any time. they fired jim zorn this morning. it was the wee hours. they left this building at 4:45 a.m. with escort. he met with the players and met with the media in an effort to change the direction of this once proud franchise. >> i just know that last place is not redskins football. >> that was the new general manager this afternoon. less than 12 hours after telling zorn that his run as coach is over. >> i just found out and that is a good thing. >> probably a good thing. i am sure the redskins will do better. >> zorn started six and two. but with this year's disappointing
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